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How I landed my first gig in public relations

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getting a job in public relations Sara Jeffers is an account coordinator with Red Shoes PR.

I’ve always loved to write. Not only was it required of me during college and internships, it was how I chose to spend my time in my personal life.  Looking back, I never thought a research paper that required me to interview a professional in the field would be the path to my first job in PR. Back then, I was intimidated by the thought of sitting with someone who’s been in the industry for some time. I was green. And I felt it would be written all over my face.

After following Red Shoes PR for more than a year, I knew I wanted to combine this research assignment with the chance to learn more about the agency and introduce myself to the team. The clients, work environment, atmosphere and services were all aspects of an agency I could picture myself working with in the future. I contacted Jessica Dennis and set up an interview; my previous level of nervous was now an understatement. Not only was I completing a project for school, I was making connections for a future career.

Three months later and long after the assignment was graded, Jessica contacted me because of a possible summer internship opportunity. Of course I jumped at the chance; it was my turn to be interviewed, but there was much less pressure because of our previous time spent together.

Fast-forward: I landed the internship. It was a great feeling being able to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to real work. The insight I gained, the relationships I made and the knowledge I acquired changed me both personally and professionally. Those three months quickly went by, and I found myself on the fast track to my career.

After I completed my internship at Red Shoes PR, I joined the team as an account coordinator. I am a true testament to the fact that networking is key. You never know when a research paper will lead to a job.

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