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What does a brand ambassador really look like?

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Not too long ago, I heard from my friend’s 15-year-old son that he really wanted to work for a specific Fox Valley company. I asked him how he came up with this particular company, and he said when he participated in the Fox Cities Chamber Career Expo (full disclosure: I’m on the Chamber board), this company was present and took the time to talk to him about what a career there could look like.

Not only is my friend’s 15-year-old son out and about singing the praises of this specific company, but it is likely he will remember the positive feelings he had while talking the business’s representatives at the Fox Cities Chamber Career Expo when he looks for future employment. He may even compare those feelings to ones he has from other recruiters. This goes to show that every interaction someone has with your brand can have a positive or negative affect on your overall business – even years down the road. No interaction is too small to be considered significant.

I always say your current employees are your biggest and most important brand ambassadors, and that sure paid off for this organization. This young talent felt welcomed and accepted by this organization, which, for the business, will lead to an application and a potential long-term, enthusiastic employee.

This young man is only 15-years-old, which means from a business perspective, this one-on-one interaction and investment early on can lead to your future workforce.

How does your brand interact directly with young talent? Tell us in the comments!

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