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Give your audiences what they want: more video

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In case you didn’t hear, yesterday news broke that the Chicago Sun Times would be laying off their entire photo staff, effectively immediately. One of the main reasons the paper cited was that “the business was changing rapidly” and their audience was “seeking more video content with their news” than ever before.

These days we see more and more media outlets using multimedia in their news coverage, going beyond just the broadcast TV norm. And it’s not just happening in larger markets. Just last week we were informed that a reporter from an area newspaper was standing outside one of our client’s buildings to get video interviews directly from employees. I’m also seeing more and more newspaper reporters film and edit short news clips on their iPhones out on assignment and that gives them the ability to send it back to the newsroom for immediate access to the public.

Working in communications, we can learn a lot from this morph in the news industry. Think about that next time you post to your social media or send out a press release. How can you incorporate more visual aspects and multimedia into your company’s communications? Because in the end, that is what our audiences want.

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