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Four Social media Dos and Don’ts

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Social Media Dos and Don'ts

Social media is a great, and free, tool for businesses to utilize. It offers a way to connect with your audience and to let people know what you do. Social media when used the wrong way can backfire and jeopardize your business. Here’s some tips on what you should, and should not do when using social media for a company page.

Do: Incorporate hashtags – hashtags offer the ability to track what your followers say about your business and help you get information to a wider audience.

Don’t: Use more than two hashtags per status/tweet. #You #Don’t #Want #To #Go #Overboard

Do: Display your company’s culture and keep content interesting for your followers.

Don’t: Rely on exclamations points and smiley faces as the only way to add personality. Incorporate them, but also learn how to tell people why your company is excited and why they should be too.

Do: Respond to negative comments. Offer an apology and a solution. Showing that you value your customers can turn a disgruntled customer or client into a happy one. Responding to negative comments on social media is just as important as responding to them face-to-face.

Don’t: Delete or hide negative comments. It will only anger your customer or client more and give them cause to react and lose your trust.

Do: Use visuals. When you incorporate visual content into your company’s social media channels you will see an increase in traffic, impressions and shares. Humans are very visual creatures, and by adding in visuals you have a better chance to capture their attention. Check out my last blog post on ‘How to incorporate visuals for written messages’ for tips.

A good resource on how to incorporate visuals is Pic Monkey. It’s a free online photo editor that allows you to add text to your pictures.

Don’t: Sign up for Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and other visual based social media sites if you’re audience isn’t there. Not every social media platform may be right for your audience. Take the time to research your audience to figure out what platforms they are on. There are plenty of ways to incorporate visuals on Facebook, blogs and of course, YouTube.

Do you have any good Dos and Dont’s for social media? If so, leave a comment!

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