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Top five tips for starting a social media page for your company

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Have you been tasked with starting a social media page for your company? If you’re a social media pro, this may come as a welcomed assignment but not everyone is comfortable launching an official window into their company’s world. You may have apprehensions, but have no fear. Ask yourself the following questions before getting started and you’ll be set up for success in no time.

1. What is the goal? And who is your target audience?

Social media channels are not made equally. Facebook is best for building a community while Instagram is all about appealing to your audience through imagery. Twitter is best for short and to-the-point messages (144 characters or less to be exact) and LinkedIn is best for professional interactions. Before choosing which social media channel best suits your needs, consider your goal and where your audience is.

2. Have you done your homework?

Research your competition. What are companies with similar business models doing on social media? What types of posts are getting the most engagement? What do you like about their page? What don’t you like? Take notes and start to develop your social media strategy.

3. How can you diversify your content?

You may have a great message to share, an innovative product or an in-demand service, but no one wants to see the same content delivered in the same fashion day after day. How can you diversity your content and continue to make it relevant on an ongoing basis in order to best engage your audience?

4. How will you leverage your brand?

Don’t be afraid to invest in social media advertising. Depending on the social media channel, your company can expand its reach by simply boosting a post or investing in some digital advertisements. Sponsored content usually comes at an affordable rate and can reach thousands of additional customers or potential clients.

5. How will you measure success?

It’s okay to start small when it comes to measurements, but you’ll want to set goals. In the beginning, maybe it’s just about getting a certain number of likes or followers, but after time you’ll want to start analyzing the engagement on your social media channels. Facebook, for example, uses an easy-to-read dashboard that analyzes your followers’ activity. Down the road, be sure to examine if your social media channels are driving traffic to your website. By keeping tabs on your social media page measurements, you can customize your content to best suit your audience while supporting your company’s business goals.

I hope this list provides you with the confidence you need to get started with a new social media channel, but if you’re still unsure, don’t worry. This is one of Red Shoes PR’s areas of expertise. If you still have questions or apprehensions, just give us a call at (920) 574-3253 or find us online at

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