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Facebook promoted post tips

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As I blogged about a few weeks ago, we’ve begun embracing paid Facebook promotions for our clients. As we’ve gotten through the learning curve, I thought I’d share of few tips with you:

-Be creative with the headline. You only have 25 characters to grab your audience so think creatively with your limited space.
-Pay attention to graphics. As ads become more popular, you’ll have to fight for your audience’s attention. You can use up to six images in your ad, but if you only have two great images and four mediocre ones, just run the two great ones. You don’t want to risk turning someone off by poor quality.
-Don’t be afraid to experiment. The great thing about online ads is you can change them easily. While you don’t want to confuse your audience by changing up the message too often, don’t be afraid to make tweaks to the budget or wording if you’re not seeing the results you expected.
-You don’t have to lead back to a Facebook page. While everyone wants more likes on their Facebook pages and ads are a great way to do it, don’t forget to use promoted posts to showcase an upcoming event. If you are promoting an event, link the ad to the event registration page if necessary, you’ll still get additional likes on your page, but it’s important that you send people to the correct place to take action.
-Monitor, monitor, monitor. We’ve noticed that Facebook notifications don’t always work on ads so don’t rely on your browser or your Pages app to let you know someone has commented on your post. You’ll have to find the post and manually monitor questions and comments.

Have you been working with promoted posts and have other tips to share?

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