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What to expect when you’re accepting

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You have gone through a rigorous interview process, your references checked out and you proved yourself worthy of a position at a new organization. When the company hands you your offer letter, do you know what to do next?

Depending on your job experience, you may either jump at the first job offer you receive or you might take your time in the decision process to. If you are applying for a job, you should already be thinking about questions you have for your future boss. To help you, here are some ideas to think about when you are accepting a new job.

How much will I be paid?

One of the first question that will come to mind is how much you will get paid. While pay can be a sensitive topic to discuss, it is important to have an open conversation with your employer about income. When negotiating your pay, whether salaried or hourly, think about how your income relates to the company as a whole. If you are bringing in more business, added services or completing work in a more efficient way, your time is considered more valuable and therefor worth more money. Websites such as PayScale, help many employers and employees determine what a job position is worth.

On the same topic as pay, open up the conversation to talk about raises, bonuses and goals. Talk to your boss about what milestones she or he wants to achieve for the business and how you can help achieve those goals. Ask your boss how your work can translate into pay raises or bonuses. Be ready to prove your worth with examples and metrics.

What is expected of me?

Go over the exact job expectations. Your boss or the human resources representative should have the company and job role expectations laid out, but if not, ask as many questions as you can think of. Don’t assume that this new company’s policies, rules and expectations are the same as your last job. Does your boss expect you to check your email from home? Will you have to work any weekends? Are your work hours flexible or strict? Is there a dress code to follow?

It is also important to go over intangible benefits for your future job position. While pay, vacation time and hours are important, think about what else you find meaningful in a workplace. Ask your future employer what type of personality and worker they believe fits best within the company. Look into the company’s core values and talk to your boss about what those mean to her/him. You should feel confident when you accept a job position that you will not only get along with the team but that you will fit into the company culture as well.

What will my day/career be like?

You may have an idea of what your office will look like, but before taking a job position ask to get a sneak peek of your potential office space since you will be spending about a third of your day there. This not only helps you visualize your environment, but you can also see who your new neighbors will be and gauge their personalities.

Even though you were just offered this position, have you given any thought to what comes next in your career? Do you see yourself advancing within the same company? If so, talk with human resources about career mapping and what position would come next. You also may reconsider taking a position if there is no future job position for you at the company.


Don’t go into a new job position with unanswered questions. You are interviewing your future employer just as much as they are interviewing you and you should feel confident and gratified with your decision to sign on the dotted line. What other additional tips do you have for accepting a job offer?

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