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Editorial calendar research: think differently about your organization

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There’s more to the construction industry than building cool buildings and installing the latest hardware and technologies into those buildings. Your PR efforts shouldn’t always focus on the final project or the materials used for its completion. Think differently – what stories can your executives and employees tell? When searching editorial calendars for “construction” or “technology” focuses, don’t skim past categories such as “education and talent development” or  “philanthropy/non-profit development.”

Those are the perfect opportunities to highlight executives, employees or programs that benefit employees, not just in construction but any industry. Here are some ideas:

  1. Community involvement and philanthropy – what are your execs or employees involved in outside of their company roles? Do they serve on boards for non-profits, volunteer time at a hospital or donate funds to the less fortunate? Look for opportunities to share what people in your organization do to make the place you live better for everyone.
  2. Advocacy for employees – does your company have a specific program established to better employees and help them climb the corporate ladder? Share it. Are there special practices in place to ensure safety, efficiency or collaboration? Share those, too.
  3. An innovative approach – did someone come up with a new process or integrate new technology that has benefited your profit margin? Highlight that person. Don’t overlook the “innovators” opportunities.

And remember, if you have an idea that doesn’t align with the editorial calendar, pitch it anyway. What’s the worst that can happen?

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