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Don’t over-complicate social media–It’s based on relationships

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I tweeted last week about how great it would be if all world leaders could start the day together over a cup of coffee, sitting around the table. There’s something really special about gathering people for a few moments before the day starts, chatting about nothing and everything while enjoying each other’s company. I think a lot of conflicts would be avoided if communication were built on relationships, not of necessity.

One year ago this month, we at Red Shoes PR attended our first-ever Tweet-up at the mall. To say the least it was a little overwhelming to meet our online friends in person. Fast forward 12 months later, the tweet-ups keep happening and the relationships keep growing.

This past Friday more than 35 of us “twitterers” met in person at St. Elizabeth Hospital for breakfast (full disclosure
@AffinityHealth is our client.) to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our very first Tweet-up. For me, it was a celebration of relationships. It’s simply the best of all worlds—technology used to create and enhance relationships. And relationships built to make a better world.

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