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Culture During COVID

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Exhaustion. Panic. Depression. Irritability.

Do you relate to any of these?

Most likely, you, as well as your employees are burning the candle at both ends or are already burned out. The pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health causing a fraying of nerves and in many cases, impacting one’s ability to do the job well. I often define a crisis as slow-burning or quick-burning and without a doubt, this is a slow-burning crisis.

Think of the added challenges in the human resources realm. Company culture first comes to mind. How are you keeping your employees engaged, especially in a remote working atmosphere? If you are in the position to be hiring, what does that even look like? Are you finding the candidates for some of those hard to fill positions? And last, let’s take into consideration the virtual on-boarding process.

If you are reading this and wondering how to help your team, my advice is to lead by example. Take a day off. Take an hour off. Go for a 10-minute walk. Just like in a plane when the oxygen masks come down, you need to place your mask over your nose and mouth before helping others. The same applies to leaders in the business world.

Use this historic time to create a culture now that allows you to grow into the future. What are you doing today to ensure that the story you tell the next time you are recruiting is a positive one? Start building the story now of how your company faced the COVID challenge and took the road less traveled in spite of what your peers were doing. Take this time to craft your story and to share it, both internally and externally and most importantly the future of your business is what you make it to be.

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