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Culture building

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It’s no secret that since the inception of Red Shoes PR, I have placed a focus on building a culture that speaks for itself. Well, I’m going to share a few of these ideas along the way to inspire you in your role as a manager or supervisor. My philosophy has always been to take care of my employees so they in turn take care of our clients. One idea we implemented recently is our IdeaLab. The premise for IdeaLab was to create a carefree, imaginative zone that encourages the creative side of our brains. We get together once a month and participate in a creative project such as decorating pumpkins, making ornaments or painting things that make us happy. I also encourage team members to bring a work-related challenge they are experiencing to the group and let others weigh in with solutions or ideas that bring them to an answer.

To learn more about the ‘IdeaLab,’ read Michelle’s blog post: Creativity: Our new approach.

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