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Do you need communications support for COVID-19?

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In just a matter of days, COVID-19 has caused businesses and organizations to scramble and discover how to operate in an ever-changing and uncertain world. With anxiety high for all and lives and livelihoods at stake, the ways in which leadership communicates to its employees, customers, stakeholders and the public is more important now than ever.

Companies need to be communicating proactively with their employees and customers and it’s an employer’s opportunity to demonstrate they are being a smart partner and community member. Any crisis is a true test of leadership and communications play a defining role.

With decades of experience helping organizations manage crisis situations, Red Shoes can help your team develop the following communications:


High-level strategy scenario planning and anticipation:
The complexities of COVID-19 and how it impacts your business is rapidly evolving. Let us help you put together key messages for your internal and external audiences for a variety of COVID-19 scenarios. With the fast-paced nature of the spread of this disease, more and more businesses are being affected. Be prepared if your company has to shut down because someone within your organization was infected or be prepared if a partner that works within your organization has been part of the spread. And, as COVID-19 developments continue, our will help your team refine your messaging.


E-mail communication including e-blasts:
Whether it’s internal communication to your employees or mass messaging or e-newsletters to customers nationwide, we can help you develop the right message for the right audience at the right time and also help develop your communications on appropriate channels.


Social media channels:
Let Red Shoes review your recent social posts and help develop your new content. Now is the time to be sensitive to what your business is posting. Eliminate your scheduled “business as usual” posts. (Now is not the time to be promoting a canceled event meant for hundreds.) Let us help you put together thoughtful messages with a blend of imagery, infographics, videos, blogs and more.


Media relations:
The American public is hungry for information and we’ll help you leverage the experts on your team. Are you a healthcare practice that cares for a vulnerable population? Patients want to hear from you! Are you a construction firm that has N95 respirators and masks to donate? The community needs to hear “feel good” stories too. Let us help you work with the media to get your stories out.


Website copy and blog:
Your customers, patients, members, employees – everyone is searching for information about what COVID-19 means for them. Are you speaking to your audiences on your website homepage? Have you developed blogs of Frequently Asked Questions and resources? If not, you should be! Let us help you navigate these new times. We can help with everything from developing content to making recommendations on the super technical side of website updates.


Phone call scripts:
Red Shoes can help your team with the development of phone call scripts and training of your team as to how to talk to your audiences. Don’t forget, people are craving human interaction now more than ever. Let us help you get there.


Does your business have an important message you need to get out? Did you know TV viewership is growing exponentially during these times? Let us help you put together an advertising campaign – whether it’s digital, social media, TV, radio or print. Our team is here for you to help develop your ads from start to finish, and we can help you navigate your advertising contracts so you can focus on operations.


Converting In Person-Events to Virtual Events:
Red Shoes is here to help you navigate the ins and outs of virtual events and also to provide you with the tools/resources you need to convert your in-person event to a virtual event. Our team will share the different tools that we’ve used and help you build the content that is needed to make a virtual event a success.


We’re here for you!
Lisa Cruz, the owner of Red Shoes, Inc., provides crisis communication planning and execution for a number of organizations and industries including health care. Cruz most recently authored Do Not Leave Your Brand to Chance: Plan Your Crisis Communications Now for the international Journal of Brand Strategy.

At the end of the day, Red Shoes is here for you in times of crisis for all your marketing and communication needs. We pride ourselves on being business partners to our clients and we’re ready to help you. Give us a call at (920) 358-3188 or email us. Together, we will get through COVID-19.

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