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Coolors – the color scheme generator

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We’re back for another “favorite creative resources” blog post! Today’s resource is all about color and color schemes, and funnily enough it’s called Coolors. This web, iOS and Android app makes finding color palettes so easy, all you have to do is press the space bar! The web app is completely free to use, but if you plan on downloading the Android or iOS app they do cost money. The Android app costs $0.99 and the iOS app costs $1.99. We only use the web app and it works great, plus it’s free, which is a plus.

Once you start the color generator, it will instantly generate a five-color palette. Not loving the color scheme, but see one or two colors you like? You can lock colors and generate more palettes based on what you kept. Better yet, if you have a certain color in mind that you want to generate a palette for you can enter the color code in, lock the color and press the space bar until you see a palette you like.


Once you’ve found a color scheme you like you can save the palette or export it in several ways:

-Copy url

It’s such a great tool – let us know if you try it!

Images via press kit. 

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