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Communication Between Generations: Helping Millennials Thrive

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There’s a lot of talk about millennials in the workplace these days. There is an unending number of articles, webinars, and workshops centered around understanding millennials, strategies to work with millennials, how-to’s and do’s and don’ts…the list goes on and on. As a manager or business leader, there is no shortage of material to help you navigate this new workplace dynamic.

To that end, I attended a workshop recently where Chad Kopitzke of NeXtGen Advantage presented on Generations Colliding. Chad is a very engaging, energetic speaker so I found myself soaking up all he had to share about the various generations and ways to improve communication. As Red Shoes PR’s HR professional, I reflected on what I had learned and how I could implement some of those great suggestions here. It occurred to me that there is an abundance of information for the older generations to work with the millennials, but what about the other way around?

At Red Shoes PR, millennials represent the largest generation in our agency. We have an incredibly talented group and as their careers develop, they are building relationships with clients. Typically, that means sitting across the table from gen xers and/or boomers. Wouldn’t it be great to provide our millennials insight on how best to work with older generations?

I reached out to Chad with the idea of flipping the script so to speak and presenting to millennials about working with older generations. Having mentored hundreds of millennials, being that middle man between the generations, he was excited about the opportunity to focus on this angle and agreed to present to our staff and some of our clients and colleagues.

At the presentation, Chad gave great insight into each generation and the value they bring as he ‘translated’ their behaviors and expectations. He provided foundation for the respect that each generation deserves and pointed out several similarities as well. Our team appreciated his perspective and feedback in a casual, interactive setting.

Understanding the differences between generations and knowing how to successfully work with people of all ages provides employers a competitive advantage in development of top talent, change management and succession planning. I highly recommending investing in this type of education for your employees. You can learn more about Chad and his expertise by visiting his website and if you have any interest in our approach at Red Shoes PR, you can email me at [email protected].

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