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LEAVEN: A tour worth taking

Last week, the agency took a tour of local not-for-profit LEAVEN (Limited Emergency Assistance Valley Ecumenical Network). Some of us thought we knew what the community organization was all about, but we quickly realized LEAVEN touches more non-profits, people and

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Take a business breather by giving

Check presentation at Geegan for penny drive from Jessica Dennis on Vimeo.

It’s always great when a plan comes together. After Haiti’s earthquake, we at Red Shoes PR felt compelled to give. And after @tommytrc and Mrs. Tommytrc told us about the penny…

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Social media good

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In the past year, we have seen many major stories unfold via social media; from the Tiger Woods scandal, to the Gosselin divorce, to the balloon boy hoax. While these stories may seem trivial, last week, we s…