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Carol Ladish receives Senior Certified Professional accreditation through SHRM

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Carol Ladish, our business manager here at Red Shoes Inc., recently received the Senior Certified Professional (SCP) accreditation through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).


What does it mean?

This certification positions Carol as a leader in the human resources (HR) field. Her knowledge not only addresses the human and employee side of HR, but also gives her insight into the business side of HR. She knows the rules and laws related to HR and ensures they are applied.


Why is it important?

Having Carol’s expertise on our team means that not only do we win, but our clients win as well. She provides a valuable resource and a unique HR perspective when it comes to communication plans, and especially our crisis communication plans. In addition to communication plans, Red Shoes can develop HR-compliant social media policies for your company, thanks to Carol’s expertise.


Why did you choose to pursue this certification?

Carol: Attaining the senior certified professional certification was a personal goal I’d set for myself. This certification recognizes the knowledge and experience human resource leaders need to be effective. Another reason I selected this certification, over others, is the focus placed on comprehensive business acumen and the critical role human resources plays in the success of an organization.


What are a few things you learned in the process?

Carol: Sitting for an exam of this caliber can be intimidating. I learned the importance of setting a goal for myself and carving out time to work on it. I found I enjoyed the process and the sense of progress toward my goal. Passing the exam was a great achievement. I’ve continued to prioritize time for researching areas of interest. Never stop learning!


If you are interested to learn more about this certification and how it can benefit your business working with Red Shoes, please email [email protected].

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