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True Life: I actually like politics | From Capitol Hill to Red Shoes PR

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Growing up as the youngest of three, with an age gap of 10 years between my closest sibling and I, I was continually forced to hang out with my parents and older relatives during my formative years. The conversations with this group of people always revolved around the family business, politics and world news, which I usually tuned out.

As the years passed, I noticed myself taking more and more interest in what was happening in the world around me. In high school I took initiative to join political groups and attend campaign rallies during the 2008 presidential elections, before I could even legally vote.

In 2012 I returned to Wisconsin after a two-year academic hiatus to finish my degree at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. While taking classes to complete my degree in journalism, I enrolled in American government and law of mass communication courses, which reignited my interest in government relations.

While searching for internships last year, I stumbled upon a job posting for a position in a local office for one of Wisconsin’s two United States Senators. After being offered the internship, I was quickly put to work doing legislative research and constituent communications.

After four months of working in the state office, I was offered a summer internship position in Washington, D.C., focusing on press and communications. While in D.C. I assisted the director of communications with media clips, national press hits, managing the Senator’s social media platforms and communicating with media outlets.

Working in the United States Senate also allowed me to gain first-hand experience with our government’s legislative process and public officials. I hope to bring this knowledge and expertise of the federal, state and local government to my internship at Red Shoes PR, to work closely with the government relations team and provide strategic communication to our clients.

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