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Breaking News: Instagram Launches IGTV

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Instagram announced the launch of Instagram Television (IGTV) yesterday. This new feature puts them head-to-head with another social giant: YouTube.


So, what is IGTV? Previously, users could only post videos on Instagram up to one minute in length or use their Instagram Stories feature to share content, but with IGTV, a user can post videos up to one-hour long. This is huge news for both businesses, influencers and even the average viewer who just wants to show off their life.


The IGTV feature will be accessible inside of the existing Instagram app as well as through its own standalone app. IGTV will highlight popular videos, similar to how YouTube has its “recommended” feed. Users will be able to upload vertical videos both through the app or on the web.


How can businesses use IGTV?

As for the business side of things, as of the initial launch, IGTV will not have any ads. However, we can expect this to change down the road because it could turn into an opportunity for significant revenue if the launch is successful.


Take some time to think about how you can use IGTV for your business. We recommend that you start preparing and posting IGTV content NOW. Don’t sit on this opportunity. There are millions of Instagram-users impatiently waiting for this launch to appear on their phones and you could be one of the first videos they see!

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