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What breakfast menus and March Forth mean to our culture

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When I started the business in 2008, we implemented an annual breakfast at Red Shoes PR based on an event I participated in early in my career. Every year I tell the story of when I was getting started at an agency in Southern California and how our boss, Laer Pearce, would set aside March 4 as a day of personal and professional reflection. Laer chose the date specifically for the play on words: March 4 and march forth.

The day would start with a team breakfast, then we would receive workbooks to complete that were designed to spur reflection and setting goals. Later that day, we would meet for dinner and share what we came up with.

Fast forward to March 3, 2017, and we just finished up this year’s annual March Forth breakfast (OK, we had to do it a day early because March 4 is a Saturday this year). While we don’t follow the same format as way back in the day, we still meet for breakfast at a local diner, The Queen Bee, and share our goals and ambitions for the upcoming year. One of the most beautiful outcomes of the morning is the impact on team building and our overall culture.

To participate in this type of personal and professional goal setting you need to show vulnerability with your team members. When team members share their hopes, dreams and areas of improvement it tells me there’s trust. When you have trust, you have the table set for incredible teamwork to take place. And that’s where the magic happens.

At this year’s breakfast, each employee was encouraged to share their customized vision board (Shout out to Faith Technologies for the inspiration!) that was designed to help them set goals around three specific areas: our clients, Red Shoes PR the business and themselves. The conversation is always insightful and often leads to on-the-spot-idea generation.

I encourage you to make your own March 4 tradition, and set aside time where you can reflect and set goals with your own team. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you learn about those you spend a majority of your day with, and in turn, will learn about yourself.

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