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Bragging brands: Are you one of them?

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Imagine you met someone in IRL (in real life, just in case you didn’t know) for the first time and they launched into why they are so great. Then you met them a second time, a third time, and every single time thereafter, they brag about themselves – who they knew, the awards they recently received and how much better/larger/faster they were than everyone else.

The next time you see them is at an event, across the room. As you walk in, your eyes cast down on the floor and you think to yourself, “I’ve had enough. I’m going to avoid them.” You do everything possible to keep out of their line of sight in case they want to engage. So, let’s take this same scenario and apply it to your social media channels. Are you a bragging brand?

Bragging brands and how not to be one

If you looked at your company’s last five posts, are the majority of your messages about your brand and how great it is, or are you adding value to the lives of your target audiences? Are your engagement analytics showing a downward trend and you don’t understand why? Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you shouldn’t let others know about the good things your company is doing, but if at all possible, could you communicate your successes in a different way that demonstrates the relevancy or answers the question “why this is important” to your audiences?

Way back when, there used to be a lot of discussion about the tenets of social media such as two-way communications, engagement, providing valuable content and listening. In other words, you should be pulling your audience in because your content provides value to their lives versus pushing meaningless content out. Maybe it’s time to re-think your strategy and hit the re-set button to really stand out in a good way. Turn your bragging brand into a relevant one.

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