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March is Try-Pod month: Here are a few of the best podcasts right now

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Your podcasts app is a magical place where you can get life advice, listen to (what feels like) hundreds of true crime stories and stay up to date on the news, whether it’s a five-minute audio summary or an hour-plus video. In the month of March 2017, podcast publishers are pushing the campaign #TryPod, which encourages podcast fans to share their favorite podcasts with friends and then tweet their recommendation using the hashtag.


Podcast listening is steadily on the rise, so take the opportunity to learn what all the buzz is about.


You can get inspired by How I Built This, which shares the stories behind how the world’s biggest companies and brands were made, or listen to the popular TED Radio Hour. Get your STEM education with Science Friday or Planet Money. History buffs can get their fix with podcasts like Stuff You Missed in History Class and you can become a better speaker with help from shows like Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.


To listen to these podcasts, you can either stream them from their websites or download a podcast app on your phone. To get the app, go to your App Store or Google Play store, search ‘podcasts’ and choose the one you like best. The most recommended free podcasts apps are Podcasts (for Apple devices) and Stitcher (for Android devices). Once you’ve downloaded the apps, you can search for and subscribe to as many podcasts as you want.


If there’s a topic you’re passionate about or want to dive deep into, chances are there’s a podcast about it, and subscribing to a variety can help make you a lifelong learner and a better small-talker. Expand your horizons or indulge your nerdiest interests or guilty pleasures—the possibilities are just waiting for you to listen to them. Some of my recommendations are below; take a look and then go to to see what others are suggesting.


Karilyn’s best podcast recommendations:

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