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Beating creative blocks

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Running out of ‘creative juice’ happens to the best of us. Yes, even creatives aren’t always feeling creative. Whether you’re a designer, writer, photographer, videographer or a CEO trying to brainstorm the next big idea, running into a creative block is something that will happen at some point.

The trick? Find inspiration by doing non-traditional activities:

  1. Get off the computer. Staring at your computer in your office, inside a building, really limits your mental and emotional state. If you’re in the office, you are most likely checking your email every five minutes and thinking of everything you have to get done. You’d be surprised at what a change of scenery can do. If you’re in Wisconsin and its cold, go to a coffee shop (whatever you need to do to stay warm). If it’s nice outside, go for a walk. My personal favorite: go to Target. Yes, I know that sounds weird but Target is a magical place for me. I love going into the home decor or card section and just looking around. I often spot something that inspires me.
  1. Relax. I’ve found that when I force myself to think of ideas on the spot for a project, I won’t come up with my best ideas. It usually happens spontaneously or when I’m doing something that relaxes me. For example, I really like watching YouTube videos. I subscribe to a lot of channels and catching up on my favorite YouTubers makes me happy. I get so much enjoyment out of them that I get inspired by video topics/what they were talking about and then the next thing I know I’m writing down tons of ideas for potential projects.
  1. Exercise. Not only does it help you de-stress, it also allows your mind to access ideas that are in your subconscious. For me, running is the perfect exercise. I get to think about everything and nothing at the same time. It helps clear my head and tire out my body so that I can do the relaxing things mentioned above. Even going for a walk or doing some light yoga/stretching can make a difference.
  1. Go on Pinterest. I use Pinterest all the time to get inspiration. It has ALL THE THINGS! The best part is you can pin ideas for later. Saw something you like but it doesn’t fit for your current project? Pin it for later.
  1. Eat. Make food, go out to eat – do what you need to do to so that you’re full. Personally, when I’m hungry I am not productive or creative. Once I’m fed I feel like I can work forever. It renews and refreshes me. Especially pasta. Fettuccine alfredo sounds good right now.

Those are my tips! How do you get out of a creative rut? Where do you find inspiration? Leave your ideas in the comments, let’s share the key to creativity!



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