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Agencies Add Benefit When Seeking Media Relations

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Working with an agency provides numerous benefits to a company, especially when looking to secure media coverage. The old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,”
rings true when trying to get a story covered by the media.

Reporters receive thousands of emails each and every day to their inbox, so making sure a message catches their eye is critical. Agencies spend countless amounts of time and have years of working with different media outlets, which means they’ve established relationships with many journalists on both a local and national level.

Think about yourself for example, are you more inclined to open an email from someone you’ve never met or from someone you know and talk to on a regular basis? That’s the difference between using an agency and not using an agency. Agencies have put in the time to make sure they build those quality relationships with journalists so they get results and that helps you by getting you the coverage you’re looking for!

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