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Adjusting to Agency Life

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It has been six weeks since I started my new role at Red Shoes PR, and it has been a whirlwind to say the least – between training sessions, client meetings, events and internal planning sessions – it is fair to say that the transition from my higher education marketing & communications director role to that of an agency client solutions strategist has been an eventful one.

Are there differences? You bet. The biggest adjustment for me is tracking each and every minute worked because now each moment of my time is billable. This can be an intimidating feat that raises plenty of professional insecurities! Am I working fast enough? Is this task the best use of my time? Wait, do I bill this?

Lucky for me, I work in an office with incredibly smart and talented women who have bestowed upon me their best billing practices. These days I know exactly where my time goes, and it motivates me to work smarter and to be more efficient for our clients. Billing also provides a record of the work that went into a project, which provides our office with points of reference to look back on for planning purposes and also provides clients with a minute-to-minute explanation of where their dollars go.

I have seen the bright billable light, and I love it!

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