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9/28 Social Media Update

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Facebook is now allowing pages to join Facebook groups. This can be useful to businesses to get in front of more eyes, and in a more intimate setting than a public profile. The only catch is that the admin of the group has the option to not allow pages to join. The flip-side to this is that your company can facilitate their own group as well.


Facebook is launching their own smart speaker called “Portal” very soon. This speaker will allow users to talk to Facebook in their homes, similar to the Google Home or Amazon Echo. This is a pretty bold move considering Facebook lost a lot of trust with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It will be very interesting to see if people allow Facebook even more access to their lives through their homes.



LinkedIn launched a “Talent Insights” tool. There are two options: talent pool or company. Talent Pool Reports show key hiring trends, including allowing you to see where the most people with relevant qualifications are located, where they are currently employed, and their specific skills. The Company Report allows you to find information about talent at your company and your competitors.



Instagram is testing the option to add hashtags to a post without including them in the caption or first comment. With how many personal profiles and companies use hashtags, this feature should have happened a long time ago. It would be featured in the post composition process, and makes for a much cleaner post.


Now that we are through most of 2018, here are some updated statistics on where users are spending their time. Facebook is still at the top with 2.2 billion users (clearly not going anywhere!). Instagram is the closest to Facebook with 1 billion active users. Twitter has 335 million users. Pinterest just recently reached 250 active users. Lastly, Snapchat has 188 million active users.

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