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5 reasons why team building is important

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Last week the Red Shoes team went on a company-wide retreat. While we did the usual overview of business updates and company goals, we also had the opportunity to do team building activities. We had our own scavenger hunt, attended a yoga class and tested our rhythmic skills in a drum circle. As a new employee I was grateful for the team building exercises. It helped me get to know my coworkers and I felt free to voice my opinion.

Only after the retreat did I realize how lucky I am to be part of a company that values team building. In a world where attention is focused on making the client happy, businesses often forget about their most valued asset — employees. Team building and specially planned activities not only boost morale of employees, but it can also increase the success of your business.

Here are a few reasons why team building is important in the workplace:

1. Facilitates better communication – Activities that create discussion enable open communication among employees, and between employees and management. This can improve office relationships and in turn, the quality of work done.

2. Motivates employees – Team leadership and team building go hand in hand. The more comfortable your employees are to express their ideas and opinions, the more confident they will become. This will motivate them to take on new challenges.

3. Promotes creativity – Taking a team outside of an office setting and exposing them to new experiences will force them to think outside of their normal routine. Working together with other team members can ignite creativity and fresh ideas, which are great qualities to bring back to the office.

4. Develops problem-solving skills – In public relations a crisis can happen at any time. Team building activities that require coworkers to work together to solve problems can improve the ability to think rationally and strategically. Teams that are able to determine when a problem arises and know what they can do about it, can then effectively take charge when a real crisis occurs.

5. Breaks the barrier – Team building increases the trust factor with your employees. Often in corporate settings there is a disconnect between the leadership team and employees because the employees sense too large of a gap between the two. Team building exercises give leadership the opportunity to be seen as a colleague rather than a boss, which can do wonders for employee morale.

Overall, team building in the workplace enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity.

Check out the Red Shoes Facebook page for pictures from our retreat.

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10 Responses to “5 reasons why team building is important”

  1. Dennis Sanchez

    I had heard in the past that team building seminars and services could really benefit sports teams, but was curious as to what specifically they improved. You suggested that they often improve communication, and this can improve relationships and in turn, the quality of work being done. Good communication is key to a sports team, so having that could really help the team execute difficult maneuvers.

  2. Mark Cass

    Hi, the pictures from Red PR retreat (Facebook Page) look great!

  3. Scott

    I agree that one of the benefits of team building activities is that it facilitates better communication. I think that communication is key in most, if not all team projects. It is important to all have the same goal and work towards that goal. Spending time together allows each member to learn the strengths of each team member.

  4. LNWeaver

    That’s a good point that team building that requires discussion can benefit office relationships. Companies want their employees communicating anyways- and like you said, that could increase morale and motivation when workers realize they are listened to. And of course like you said, if an office team builds with a puzzle of some sort (like an escape room) they’ll reinforce workers’ ability to recognize, analyze, and solve workplace crises.

  5. Kourtney Jensen

    I like that you mentioned team building gives those in leadership positions the opportunity to be seen like any other colleague. My dad’s friend is big into team building because of this fact, and wanting everyone to feel comfortable with everyone. If I was to have a business of my own, I’d want there to be a sense of unity, and have team building at least once a year.

  6. Kylie Dotts

    I really like how you mentioned that team building events help to facilitate open communication between coworkers. Communication is the key to a successful relationship with anyone really, so doing all you can to get your employees to communicate more often would be essential. They would probably feel more comfortable around each other after that as well because they wouldn’t be afraid to talk to one another.

  7. Carole

    Great site. Just had a quick read.

  8. Allen Stillinger

    It was good how you said that one benefit of a team building activity was that it enables the employees to be more comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions, thus becoming more confident. Surely my company will benefit from that because we only work for a small firm. It does not look pretty to see that we don’t open up to one another considering there are only 20 of us working in the office. We need help. I’ll suggest this to my boss. Thanks!

  9. Sean Lester

    Team building is also referred as an organizational psychology. Due to its huge significance in organizational advancement, it has become one of the most pronounced buzzwords having a number of overtones. Effective team building implies better employee engagement which is good for the organizational culture and enhancing the name of the game. Here, the author has mentioned a few reasons behind team building. Honestly, all the revealed reasons are worth considering. I just wanna say that apart from these reasons, networking, socializing, boosting team performance, better collaboration, better communication, fostering the creativity- are some other reasons due to which team building has become an important investment.

    • Maria Nelson

      Thanks for the thoughtful response, Sean. You’re right, teambuilding is certainly an important investment.


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