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4 reasons I’m looking forward to #PRSAicon in Orlando

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This blog is written by Karen Buckoski, senior account executive at Red Shoes PR.

This Saturday, I’m going to be taking off to Orlando to attend the PRSA International Conference. I’m beyond excited to be representing Red Shoes PR among thousands of PR professionals from around the world.

Just a couple of reasons (among the many) that I’m looking forward to this conference include:

‘The Strategic Adviser in Action During Crisis’ session
On Sunday morning, I will be attending a half-day seminar focused specifically on crisis lead by James E. Lukaszewski. If you have worked with me in the past, you might happen to know about my passion for crisis communications Participation in this session makes me giddy. I absolutely love the on-your-toes thinking and immediate problem solving that crisis situations allow. This workshop will definitely be a learning opportunity for me.

Networking, networking and more networking!
I have a passion for PR and nothing makes me more excited than being surrounded by other people who share the same passion. One of my favorite things about attending conferences is meeting new people. If you happen to be attending the conference, feel free to look me up (920) 420-7078 (yes, that is my cell phone number). You can also tweet (@karenredshoespr) me.

Searching out the latest updates in PR software
Is it weird to say that I’m excited to talk with vendors and find out about the latest trends in PR software? Every year about this time, we go through the task of deciding which PR software company stands out among the rest for our news release distribution, media database, monitoring and more. Advancements in technology has really improved these services over the years and I can’t wait to see what’s new out there this year that I can bring home with me to the office.

Recharge and motivate 
Probably one of the things I’m looking forward to most is having time to recharge and motivate myself. Between the hustle and bustle of the 24/7 news cycle, daily tweets, e-mail responses, Facebook posts and conference calls, it is easy to quickly spiral out of control. It will be nice hear about the latest strategies and insight from industry leaders. I look forward to hearing about effective tools and strategies that we can immediately start to put into place at Red Shoes PR.

From Saturday through Tuesday, make sure to follow me, @karenredshoespr, on Twitter to hear all about my travels. I look forward to helping bring a little piece of #PRSAicon to you if you cannot be there. And if you are attending, I look forward to the chance to meet up!

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