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3 habits of a social media expert

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Have you ever wished you could be a social media expert? Maybe you don’t even want to be an expert, but wish you could stay on top of the latest trends? Making that wish a reality is not as time consuming as you might think. Here are some best habits to help you achieve social media success.


  1. Listen to podcasts – We waste many valuable learning opportunities without realizing it. Think of some daily activities like packing lunches, making dinner, doing the laundry, getting ready for work, driving, or working out. These are all times that you could replace silence or listening to music and turn it into a learning opportunity. My favorite podcast for social media strategy is Build Your Tribe by Chalene Johnson. While her podcast is not exclusively about social media, it packs a ton of information in a short amount of time and can be applied to both personal life and business.
  2. Sign up for a newsletter – While none of us need more useless emails in our inbox, signing up for a newsletter is an easy way to get the latest information served right to you. Social Media Today is my favorite social media news website. It’s very concise and updated daily.
  3. Go at your own pace – People tend to get burned out by social media when they feel like they always must be engaged with it. The truth is, you don’t. Pick a couple platforms to be dedicated to and simply dabble with the rest.


Do you have any resources you rely on to stay up-to-date on social media trends? Let us know!

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