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13 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PR

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1. You think the copy you wrote for the Web content will work for a news release

2. People are talking about your company online and you just found out

3. Your competitors are kicking your booty with media coverage

4. Your company offers the best product or service ever, but no one knows about it … or for that matter, knows about your company

5. When a prospect Googles your company, your competitor shows up at the top of the search

6. You are still faxing news releases

7. You can’t figure out why the media isn’t interested in your story idea

8. You have no idea how to engage online

9. During the interview with a business editor you cross your fingers and hope for the best

10. Even though your industry is taking a beating online, and in the media, you think it won’t impact your sales

11. You think social media is for B2C companies

12. Your blog content focuses on how great your company/products/services are

13. You think because you are a “people person” you should be able to handle PR

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