Making Dollars and Sense for Industry-Builders and Talent-Seekers

Where are the jobs in your community, and who is filling those jobs? Red Shoes PR’s experience in economic development has yielded results such as successful hiring campaigns, promotion of job creation and coverage of talent-growing initiatives.

We know attracting the right candidates for jobs in growing industries takes strategy, and we utilize stakeholder engagement, targeted communication and our relationships with the media to amplify our clients’ messaging. From local job fairs to regional or multi-state initiatives, our services ensure that your economic development efforts are as effective as possible.

Lights, Camera, Experience

The team at Red Shoes PR has promoted dozens of books and movies in local, national and international markets. Whether you need a book publicity launch that kicks off on a major national television show, top-name endorsements secured or are planning a press junket for a movie campaign, we have you covered. We have executed tours that have included dozens of press conferences, events at some of the most noteworthy locations across the country and worked with authors ranging from first-timers doing their initial book launch to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

With placements ranging from People Magazine, Reader’s Digest, USA Today and Newsweek to interviews on Larry King, Oprah and the Today Show, we will find the right pitch to engage the media and your target customers.

Strategic Communication and
Marketing Plan Development

We have the experience to develop a detailed plan that closely aligns with your brand and supports your business goals. Our plans place an emphasis on measurement so you know your marketing and communications efforts are doing what they are supposed to do … impact your bottom line.

Brand Management

Consistently and effectively communicating your organization’s brand through marketing and communications is an art. We work with organizations to communicate your story consistently to best represent your brand personality and its attributes.

Event Planning

Events are an important way to communicate your company’s brand. From the welcome to the ambiance, we can ensure your target audience sees, hears and experience your organization’s brand.

Government Relations

Knowing the ins and outs of government and how it works often ties into a successful and impactful initiative. We work with clients to provide strategic consultation in government relations to support your efforts through a multi-faceted communications strategy.

Visual Communication

We work with your organization to develop strategic and on-target visual communications. From brochures to sell sheets, logos and online communications we deliver on visuals and content that engages, sells and reaches your target audiences.

Crisis Communication Management

With 24/7 news and information, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for a crisis. Red Shoes PR will help you prepare for the worst. Or if the worst just happened, we can help you manage your communications to protect your brand. We have unparalled experience with many different crisis including investigations, health care related, environmental and more. There’s a reason one of the world’s premier insurance companies partners with Red Shoes PR to help prepare their clients for crisis. Visit here (provide a separate page for crisis) for more information.

Social Media Consultation and Implementation

As the first agency in the state to recognize social media application for business and organizations we have the experience to help your organization develop a social media strategy and execute it in a measurable way. Red Shoes PR knows the ins and outs of social media and harnesses these communications tools to enhance word of mouth by integrating them with traditional efforts.

Internal Communication

We work with organizations to strengthen their internal communications with their employees, departments and leadership to ensure that all parties communicate in a timely, thoughtful and proactive way. Internal communications, often overlooked in many organizations today, help build employee brand advocates, a healthy culture, engagement and pride.

Media Relations

We work with reporters to pitch and secure editorial coverage at local, state and national media outlets. Because of our extensive experience, we understand how to build relationships with key media (and have many relationships already built), pitch stories that pique their interest and deliver results. Additionally, we help you prepare for the interviews through extensive media training.


Whether it’s for a specific project or a detailed plan, conducting and having the right research serves as a foundation for future success. From focus groups to surveys, we ask the questions that matter so we can develop a strategic marketing and communications plan that is on target