We have had a great experience over the years with Red Shoes PR and have developed a unique relationship that represents a true business partnership. We find Red Shoes PR very focused and dedicated to meeting deadlines that we identify and never need to worry that their level of commitment is ever in jeopardy. They listen closely to our needs, are diligent in asking the right questions and then provide multiple options at times to address our situation. The true testament to their success is their ability to integrate fully with our team and really act as an extension of our employees, which is why we highly recommend them to anyone.

Tim Kippenhan
Vice President
Miron Construction Co., Inc.

Tim Kippenhan Testimonial
Travis Andersen Testimonial

Red Shoes PR has been an outstanding partner to St. Elizabeth Hospital and Affinity Health System. They have earned our trust and respect as a consistent and trustworthy partner, from being proactive with our social media policies and communication strategies to being very responsive in times of need. Even when it comes to major crises that may happen in our community, we have embedded Red Shoes PR into our Incident Command infrastructure to serve as the public information officer. We trust them working with us for planning, guidance and strategies that will meet our needs.

Travis Andersen
Former President – St. Elizabeth Hospital
Current President and CEO – Columbia St. Mary’s

We made a big change to invest in a relationship with an outside agency to help us with our external relations and media work. In particular we have valued the dedicated staff that have put in time to get to know our complex organization and have exceeded our expectations with their genuine interest in expanding our public relations footprint in our recruitment area. I would highly recommend Red Shoes PR. Their services have complemented what we are able to provide internally and their communications with us are extremely prompt and organized.

Martin Rudd
Campus Executive Officer and Dean
University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley

Tom Clark Testimonial

The public perception of our organization is critical to the long-term success of our organization, and having a resource like Red Shoes PR allows us to be proactive in our public relations efforts. Red Shoes PR has brought an expertise and experience to our internal marketing team that is invaluable. They provide a very deep base of experience in how to deal with all types of media outlets and ensure that we are sending the right message to the right audience. The way that Red Shoes PR has integrated into our team has been tremendous. We value the experience and expertise that they bring, and working with our internal team they have gotten phenomenal results. They took the time to understand our strategic objectives and tailored our PR program to complement our overall marketing plan. I would recommend Red Shoes PR– they are flexible, knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Tom Clark
Executive Vice President Preconstruction
Faith Technologies

Lisa Cruz and her PR team do a terrific job supporting organizations with public relations expertise. They help think through strategic priorities, create and execute excellent press releases and help set up editorial meetings with media partners. Red Shoes PR has done a tremendous job helping to building awareness for the Fox Cities Building for the Arts, as well encourage people to attend exhibits and events hosted in the Building for the Arts. Red Shoes PR is an outstanding organization and I would highly recommend them.

Kathi Seifert
Retired EVP

Kathi Seifert Testimonial

We have been working with Red Shoes PR for more than a year. Lisa and her team have truly become our partners in bring visibility to the Fox Cities Building for the Arts and The Trout Museum of Art. We have experienced a quantifiable increase in attendance and have attracted visitors from far greater distances. As our partner, Red Shoes PR recognizes the value in varying the PR approach – specific to the institution, program or event. We really value the consistency of the relationship and their natural impulse to connect us with other organizations both in our local community and throughout their reach.

Pamela Williams-Lime
Fox Cities Building for the Arts, the Trout Museum of Art

Red Shoes PR redefines the word, ‘partner’! They have been with Catalpa Health since the beginning – even before we opened our doors. They have been instrumental in helping us define and refine our message to the community as we grow. As a new organization, change is constant. Knowing where to focus your marketing and PR efforts can feel like an overwhelming task. Red Shoes PR understands this and provides us with the guidance, support and resources needed to keep us on track. The team at Red Shoes PR takes the time to really understand our business – they understand what sets us apart and how to best tell our story. They have become more than our PR partner, but truly trusted advisors, our marketing experts and good friends (with great shoes).

Lisa Kogan Praska
President and CEO
Catalpa Health

Vince Gallucci Testimonial

Affinity Health System has worked with Red Shoes PR for nearly six years to build a more strategic communication position. The quality of their work is smart, timely and offers a wonderful perspective. Red Shoes PR has been responsive to our needs and I would highly recommend them as a key partner to any organization.

Vince Gallucci
Chief Marketing Officer
Ministry Health Care

Red Shoes PR did an amazing job of getting the community to talk about the Sexual Assault Crisis Center and the important work we do! They worked tirelessly to ensure that our new brand was marketed in a consistent manner spreading the word to many we had never been able to reach before. Red Shoes PR is a very dedicated, knowledgeable, results-oriented, trustworthy organization that WILL get you noticed … in a good way!

Caroline Lasecki
Executive Director
Sexual Assault Crisis Center – Fox Cities, Inc.