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 My experience with the iPad = iheaven

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I thought I would wait a couple of weeks after the release of the iPad to actually get my own. I knew i wanted it (bad) but I thought it made sense to read more review before actually taking the leap myself. Well, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. On April 3, 2010 I was one of the people standing in line at the Appleton BestBuy to purchase the iPad the minute they opened. Part of the excitement about buying a revolutionary product like this is the standing outside of the big box retailer waiting and hoping to be one of the first luckily people to get your hands on such an amazing device. So what’s all the hype about? And why is the iPad so amazing?

I firmly believe the iPad will change the way we work and communicate. I wrote this entire blog entry sitting on a plane using the on screen keyboard, which despite some negative reviews is pretty easy to use. I can feel that typing will get easier to use as my fingers get used to the keyboard. So back to what makes this product so remarkable…

1) Travel: I fundamentally believe this will revolutionize technology and the obstacles around traveling. I can see traveling with just my iPad and my Blackberry in the future rather than my cell phone and my MacBook Pro which is quite large and heavy. The iPad can’t quite slip into your back pocket like the iPhone but that’s also a large part of its beauty, it’s not as small as the iPhone and feels more like a personal computer rather a phone.

2) There’s an app for that: apps are the future and the iPad will have many apps as more people embrace this new technology. There are apps for almost anything you could want. There are business apps that help you work harder and stay connected. There are personal apps that allow you to play games and download your favorite media. There are also apps that enable learning and can help children with homework or learning a new language.

3) Connectivity: as more and more people rely on social media to keep them connected, the iPad will offer a level of connectivity that mobile devices just cannot at this point. There are platforms for Twitter and Facebook with many more to come.

4) Gaming: From some of the first reviews I have seen, the iPad will give all other gaming devices a run for their money. Who wouldn’t choose one, light-weight device that allows you to surf the Web, update your social networks, download ebooks/media and download apps?

There are many more reasons on why this new device will revolutionize technology and the biggest one in my opinion is that it will change how people work and allow them to easily work/stay connected anywhere. What are your thoughts on the iPad? What does the future of technology look like?

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